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[Owner] Chibisona a posted Jan 7, 18

Hey guys, just letting you know, that we have now dedicated server, and I will be still advertising for Poke-Realms, I am also changing abit in the ranks and etc! We also have Discord server, so please remember to join the Discord so you can know what we are posting. :)

I will keep up, whenever I can for you guys. :)

As an addon to the release post i will also be making some helpful facts on navigating the server. This included commands, pokemon, etc. so be on the lookout for that!

Whats up everyone, Poke-Realms is finally released!
Be sure to check out the discord and chat with us!

All right, thats cool and all, but here's the information you need, and i suggest you actually read it!
All right first of all, we're running on factions for claiming, a lot of people including us really enjoy factions, but with that being said, there, of course, is NO griefing, whatsoever, we do have the ability to check who did what, so dont try hiding it. Now for those of you who do not know how to use factions, its simple

/f join to join one you are invited to

/f create <tag> <faction-name>

/f invite <playername>

/f kick <playername>

Now along moving along, we have crates! yes that means random rewards!
Currently available are the
Vote Crate
Random Legendary Crate
Random Pokemon Crate
Random Shiny Crate
all keys can be purchased from shop while the vote key can be obtained from voting!

use /rtp to get away from spawn

Now for gyms,

Gyms are semi-WIP

that meaning that there are gyms, 





Upon defeating a gym, you will receive a physical and digital copy,

you can do /gyms to check what's available and what you have defeated

Make sure you follow /rules and especially what staff say!

~PR Staff Team

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